What was supposed to be a rainy day turned out to be sunny and warm and, in fact, I had to water some potted flowers outside, as the soil had dried out. For the past few days there has been filming in our little village of Dewdney. Since we get most of the local news from the postmistress, she said that an action film was being produced with Chinese fighters, or some such thing. The closed restaurant seems to have been the main site, but two gigantic wooden carvings were placed in front of the post office, one of a bear, and the other of a miner. It was amusing to see a mail box sitting in front of the building and, only as it was being hauled away, did I notice that it was U.S.A. postal box, so that viewers of the film will know that the action takes place in America! What makes the event sad is that the restaurant will once again be closed. Now, only the post office with its small convenience store is left in Dewdney.

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