As I mentioned yesterday, rain began this morning, but at least it has showered more than steady or heavy rain and, as someone said,”It is November, after all.” The daily temperatures for this week are from seven to eleven degrees Celsius, while many parts of Canada are under snow with temperatures of thirty degrees below zero Celsius, and even lower.  I can no longer boast about picking the last  berries that grow nearby, or the fruit on the trees, although the kale and a couple of other vegetables are continuing to grow and produce beautiful and tasty leaves.  As annoying as the noise of a chain saw can be, I was pleased to see Andy at the foot of the granite cliff, using his chain saw to cut up the large limbs that had fallen in last winter’s storm. 

[Photos below: an eagle hunts for its next meal; as winter comes, we can already think of apple blossoms in spring]

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