It has been quite a while since the last filming of the series “All Things Considered” took place.  In fact, the very last one might have been before Vladika Lazar had his strokes in October of last year.  Reader Irenee and Ward Draper joined Vladika in the new church where the filming took place. Our camera is aging and its microphone is inadequate, but we are making do with it.  People so often ask if there is anything they can do to help us—well, if someone has, or can obtain, a good quality video camera for the monastery, it would be a great gift.  Now that Vladika is on the mend, and we have difficulty in travelling any distance, we have plans for a greater missionary outreach via the You Tube films.  When I use the term “missionary outreach” I do not mean targeting people of other denominations or faiths alone, but especially educating our own Orthodox Christians, many of whom have only a faint understanding of the Orthodox Faith.  It was horrifying to see more moisture on the bathroom wall and I think that Andy found the cause, mending the damage that had been done when some of the trees were cut down after last winter’s terrible ice storm.t

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