Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Although we were warned that it might snow today, we kept hoping that it would not. By mid afternoon, it began and, thank goodness, the tiny snow flakes did not build up to any depth.   What was most pleasing was the arrival of Yuri, the pest control man who quickly made the necessary searches and found the trapped mouse under the washstand in the bathroom. He showed it to me and explained that it was, no doubt like all the others, a deer mouse, native to this area, and not to be confused with a field mouse, having a silvery tummy, a slightly larger head than others, along with a touch of brown in the grey fur.  [I apologize if you are uncomfortable reading this detailed description, but something in me made me do it]. After he checked the cottage and replenished the stations, as they are called, indoors and outside, he went across the yard to the main building to make his inspection there.  I wished him Godspeed, as he and his wife are flying to Hong Kong this weekend for a much needed holiday.

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