I had to leave a sample of my blood to be analyzed for the meeting with my specialist next month, so I chose to go to our local hospital instead of the usual lab. From past experience, I knew that the wait would be long, so I bought a newspaper to read while waiting my turn, but I scarcely finished reading one item when I was called in which was nice, as it can be tiresome just sitting and waiting for your turn. During most of the day Igor and Deacon Markel, with their men,  installed the new windows in the new church.  Although I have not yet gone to see them, I am certain that these windows will be a much appreciated addition to the church.  I also noted that Andy has begun to put up the snow fence to deal with winter’s storms and snowdrifts.  All this activity gladdens my heart, for I am personally in no condition to do such work.  Bless all who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of caring for the monastery. Since Vladika Lazar is not to have carbohydrates, such as any thing made with flour, I fried him some banana pancakes, made from just three ingredients.  If anyone is interested in these tasty and easy to prepare pancakes [not lenten] please let me know.

[Photos below: late autumn fog moves into the valley. It is especially foggy up until around 10 or 11 AM this time of year]

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