We received a large supply of pure beeswax candles, half of which are 10″x 3/4″ while the rest are 12″x3/4″.  Since I gave up making candles a few years ago, we have not had candles of this size, although there is a demand for them.  Occasionally, perhaps, we might use some of them here, otherwise they will be put up for sale and it is particularly in this “Christmas” season that non-Orthodox are interest in buying such candles. The invoice should arrive separately, so I have no idea of the price to be assigned to them.  Gone are the days of old when I used to make over two thousand smaller candles in a day, most of which were shipped to distant cities, and especially to Orthodox churches in Alaska. I miss those days when people would remark that they could smell beeswax and honey on me, and especially on my beard, since it hovered above the pots of hot beeswax as I dipped the candles.  I felt sorry for our postmistress who carried the two huge boxes of candles to the Jeep and I was apologetic, but she thought nothing of it, as she lives on a farm and works with horses.  Andy thought that his two dogs might have come down with stomach poisoning yesterday, for they appeared to be suffering.  Today they looked normal and I wondered if they could possibly have had something like this malady.

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