There have been many positive comments about the photos that appear with each dairy entry.  Basically, I am not responsible for their selection and inclusion, but their appearance does seem to make a difference in the positive sense.  This afternoon, a tall but young birch sapling was planted in memory of Alexander, with dark clouds appearing in the western sky, and a strong, chilly wind enveloping us as we stood in an open area of the memorial field.  This area once was an open field, but gradually, monuments were erected and trees planted so that there are probably more than a dozen different types, each one standing out from the rest, yet blending into one spectacular grove, whose beauty is less evident now that most of the leaves have fallen. The home care lady came tonight at seven to see if Vladika Lazar needed any help, by which time it was completely dark outside.  She was quite nervous, as she could not find the cottage easily.  When she heard that Andy’s dogs chased away a cougar and that bears are present, she was afraid to go back to her car, even though it was just a short distance from the cottage. We told her to come in the daylight before nightfall.

One thought to “TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2018”

  1. Take care, dear Vladikas :) the cougars and bears will protect you from things spookier than wildlife. It is getting chilly please rememeber your scarves!

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