When the home care lady arrived in the morning, she was excited, having seen a bear running across our field.  She was able to film the bear so that she could show it to her family.  Some men came to finish with the water problem we had by filling the area that had been dug up, then working on the bathrooms at the end of the corridor in the main building.  I had planned to bake a prosphora tonight, but Father Shio was in the process of preparing his own prosphora and loaves for the Georgian liturgy, so I shall bake mine tomorrow.  I took Vladika Lazar to see his doctor regarding his previous tests.  Vladika was told that the results showed that he is a prime target for another stroke, and thus he must avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. I mention this so that people will not bring him carbohydrate rich food that is hard to resist, but, after all, we want him to be with us for as long as possible.  Therefore, bring no bread, potatoes, rice, or pasta or anything that contains any of these things.

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