After taking Vladika Lazar to the clinic for some tests, we drove up the Fraser Valley, but not so far as where it becomes narrower and finally ends.  We stopped to photograph blueberry fields that stretched as far as the eye can see with some fields having reddish orange leaves, others bright red, and still others a purplish red.  There were tourists everywhere, photographing this incredible scenery.  We met Gerasimos in Maple Ridge and had lunch with him, as he is alone, his family having gone for a visit to Greece. Upon returning to the monastery we saw Andy on the tractor, cutting the high grass in the east field.  After a while, he brought us some freshly picked heirloom tomatoes, while Joanna had brought an assortment of dishes  A little bit earlier I went to look at the berries and found only two strawberries and a small handful of raspberries, probably the very last one of this season.  On the other hand, the Turkish fig tree is covered with dark figs, some of which are ripe and tasty, my having eaten half a dozen of them, while the others need more sun to become ripe.  I have a feeling that, with rain promised next week, they will not be able to ripen properly.

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