Thursday, February 14, 2019

Today’s entry begins with a familiar episode.  We had no water in the morning and, since Vladika Lazar had an appointment with his dentist, we were unable to wash up properly.  These problems with the electricity and water have become so familiar and occurred so often that we are taking them in our stride.  On our return trip home, Andy phone to say that he had solved the problem with the water, so now we are luxuriating in the abundance of light, heat and water.  There were a few snow drifts on our road, so we switched to four wheel drive to conquer the highest drift.  Now, after Andy had used the snow blower and Davey came with his bobcat snow plow, we feel that much more confident in not being isolated.  Father Moses spent much of the day in bed with flu like symptoms and Vladika was tired, so I went to church to serve Vespers.  Only Sorin came, so the two of us did the best we could.  With all the problems that we have been having, only three men came for the Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  I hope that we can do better than that for tomorrow’s feast.

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