Sunday, March 3, 2019

After this morning’s Matins and Liturgy, we had the usual abbreviated healing service, as we on the first Sunday of each month, followed by a memorial service for Michael Apostolidis who died last year.  His widow Glyko wanted everything to be perfect and it was.  As for her koliva, I have never seen it looking so exquisite and tasty. Whenever we have a memorial service, others ask to have their loved ones commemorated as well which draws everyone that much closer to each other.  Father Shio served together with us which meant that the Georgian congregation was also present.  A family from Turkey dropped in later in the afternoon to light some candles in memory of the woman’s father who had died some time ago.  You can imagine how pleased Evgeny, the Turk who was baptized here at the monastery, was to be able to speak to these visitors in Turkish.  Our dear Vera from Washington was with us today and, as could be expected, she brought a few dozen cups of an elegant dessert.  She does this every time she crosses the border and our Canadian customs officials do not bother her.  If anything, they probably would like to taste her desserts.

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