It must have been at least three o’clock in the morning before I could fall asleep and there was nothing to explain this unusual situation.  Today, however, I was told that many people have difficulty falling asleep when there is a full moon. Whether or not that is true, I shall sleep soundly tonight, as I am already almost falling asleep at the computer!  Every little sign that shows us that winter has not yet set in is welcome, and today we saw  red and pink roses still in full bloom in a sheltered area. Vladika Lazar had some problems with his computer and, when he finally reached someone with whom he could speak, I could overhear voices in the background, speaking what sounded like Chinese, so perhaps they were located somewhere in the depths of China.  Several large bouquets of white roses were brought for Vespers and, interspersed with the previous flowers, they will make a stunning display for tomorrow’s Liturgy.

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