Since this is the last Monday of the month, I drove to Abbotsford for my regular session of spinal decompression.  As soon as it ended, my curiosity was enough that I drove to the nearby newly opened store No Frills, built where our favourite nursery had existed for many years and where we had bought many of our shrubs.  Actually, I was pleased to find a food store that was well stocked and with prices lower than elsewhere.  Having made many good purchases, I returned to the monastery and later took Vladika Lazar for a ride.  When we stopped, he walked considerably, using his two special canes, this being a great progress and a joy for all of us.  Father Moses was upset to find that the sliding door in the main building was wide open which could allow any wild animal to walk into the building.  This problem has existed for years and I am determined to change it to a regular door with a hydraulic arm for automatically shutting it.  In fact, the two other main doors need that as well.  In years past, we have had bats fly into the hall which caused chaos among the women especially, because of the superstition that they can get tangled in women’s hair.  Father Moses has the gift of patiently and gently capturing these basically harmless creatures and setting them free outdoors.

[Photo below: the sign at the entrance to the monastery was made by our young Georgian friends from a piece of driftwood found along the beach. One of the young men, Gigla Glonti, carved the bas-relief of a Georgian church on the reverse side of the sign.]

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