Monday, March 4, 2019

Our friend Yuri had planned to visit us this morning to check all the rodent stations, as they are called, but he was unable to come because of an injury, so he plans to be here the day after tomorrow.  Without his help, I do not know what we would have done, as he was able to control the rodents for entire months at a time.  As I mentioned before, we live with a forest behind us full of rodents and others creatures, from mice to bears, and we must always be cautious.  We took a look at the roadway where the trees were cut down the other day. There is  long stretch near the stream that is low and usually damp or wet, so we thought of planting willow trees on either side of the road, as they thrive in such conditions.  Many people suggested yesterday that we plant sour cherries, so I began searching on the internet for places where they can be found.  Natalia informed me of the various flowers she has growing in a sheltered area and assures us that plenty of  gorgeous flowers will be found here all over the monastery grounds this year.  I must remember to prune the hydrangea bushes before it is too late and also the Magellan fuchsia.  If they are pruned in autumn, they will not have flowers the following year.

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