Davey brought a flat of twenty eight bags of salt to be used to melt ice and snow in winter, each bag weighing twenty kilograms.  In addition to the several bags left over from last winter, we should be well prepared for this coming winter.  Andy moved several truck loads of brush and small trees he had cut in preparation for possible snow drifts which block our road and make it impossible to drive out, without serious cleaning of the drifts.  While driving back to the monastery at sunset, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the sky, the clouds, and their colours.  I so badly wanted to photograph this beauty but I could not as I was driving and, by the time I arrived back at the monastery, it had become too dark. The various shades of pink, rose, mauve, and silver were something that would have excited such landscape painters as Turner, Constable and Blake.  This was looking eastward, but gazing westward, the colours ranged from pale cream, to peach, to pale orange, overlaid in places with an imposing shade of red.  What a pleasure it was to observe this sight and how fortunate we are to have such  majestic unbroken views of the heavens above.

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