There are days when not much can be written in this diary, although an earnest attempt is always made to include items of interest.  Today, on the other hand, has shown us that living here, in a partially isolated monastery, much can take place.  Andy came early in the morning to warn us about a grave danger in the neighbourhood.  He and his two dogs, named Five and Nine, had gone into one of our fields, where the dogs noticed a couple of rabbits and began to chase them.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cougar came rushing across the field, and the dogs gave chase.  The cougar managed to escape into the woods and the dogs returned, but Andy cautioned us to be careful while outdoors and we took his advice while walking from building to building. Later in the day we saw a bear in the distance but thought nothing of it yet, when some visitors arrived, I went outside with them to show them our fig tree and there it was, right in front of us.  It left reluctantly but I managed to get a couple of photos of it.  I know for a fact that this will frighten some people into not coming to the monastery because some feel safer in the city and away from wildlife but, without a doubt, these animals surely present much less danger to us than  some of the human beings. If any reader is hesitant to come here, please phone me and I will attempt to hold you by your hand and lead you to the safety of the buildings when you arrive by car.

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