With the new heading, it will be obvious to everyone that these entries are written by me, not by someone else, as it has been confusing for many people, wondering who exactly has written them, especially when noted that they are posted by Vladika Lazar.  Now that you are aware of the author of these entries, I hope that you will not think the less of them! It has been a quiet day, with few telephone calls, no visitors, and plenty of intermittent rain. Andy brought us about a dozen ripe tomatoes that he has pampered in a sheltered area outdoors, most of them yellow in colour and, I am certain, they will prove to be delicious.  Having grown up in a harsh prairie climate, I find it hard to image that tomatoes can survive this long. I remember how, in my childhood, we had to pick unripe tomatoes and bring them indoors to ripen, leaving them on window sills and wherever there was light. We noticed the first trumpeter swans of the season, feeding in the nearby fields.  Their trumpeting can be overwhelming, especially when a large number of them join together.

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