Vladika Lazar, Father Moses and I drove to Chilliwack to serve the funeral for a dear friend, Miodrag Petrovic, who died recently.  For over thirty years he has been a supporter of this monastery and, in fact, he was a “kum” that is, something like a spiritual witness and supporter, a custom close to his Serbian heart.  I was proud of Vladika, for he stood while leading the entire service, as did Father Moses, while I had to sit for the most part.  Another positive point was that Vladika was able to walk for a while using only two ordinary canes, not the special ones he usually has used.  We are sending out a Constant Contact, which explains that we will be taking part in “Bells of Peace” to commemorate the end of World War I.  Churches and other institutions across Canada have been asked to ring their bells one hundred times at five second internals, to mark the one hundredth anniversary of armistice.  Volunteers are welcome to ring the bells on Sunday 11 November at sunset.

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