I drove Vladika Lazar to Mission to pick up some toner that was needed for the photo copier and, what was most remarkable, was that he walked, with the aid of two canes, for a great distance in the shopping centre. That was encouraging progress.  We were visited by our dear old friends from Nizhi Novgorod who occasionally treat us to a mid afternoon meal, rather like an English afternoon tea [not to be confused with high tea], but very Russian. The highlight of the meal consisted of pirozhki of various sorts, my favourite ones being made with cabbage. While engaged in eating, our conversation generally revolves around life in the early twentieth century and reminiscing about the good, as well as the bad, old times.  Since today is the last day before the Nativity Fast, it seemed proper that we should have one last feast.  Andy’s two dogs, especially the one named Five, has a peculiar relationship with a raven.  He digs up rodents in the field, then sets them aside for the raven to swoop down to collect its prize.  The photo below shows the few remaining pirozhki and tea in a glass holder 

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