I had neglected to mention that we had two carloads of people from the Department of Fisheries  who came to inspect the  work they have done over the past few years.  They installed a new and large culvert, replacing our smaller one, planted dozens of trees  and supervised the dredging of the creek to enable the salmon to swim upstream more easily.  They were satisfied with what they saw, but they did remark that there have been fewer birds in the valley this year and artesian wells have dried up. When I mentioned that we had no salmon run this year, they explained that it will happen soon, for some reason it is late this year.  Moreover, only about one third will return, as they are being eaten in the ocean.  Father Moses asked me to mention to the readers of this diary that there is no more coffee left for the Sunday meals, which means that if people want to drink coffee on Sundays, they should bring some cans of ground coffee.  Moreover, could someone volunteer to check the provisions, such as coffee, tea, sugar, plates, cutlery, etc so that we do not run out of things at the last minute.  We are getting to be too old to do this and those who are younger should take on this responsibilty.

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