The weather forecast promises us rain for tomorrow, so let it rain, at least today we had plenty of sunshine.  Today’s first visitor brought us incense from his recent visit to Mount Athos.  I have never seen incense that looked like rye bread cut into tiny squares and it will be interesting to find out what its scent is like.  Dragan made an analoy for us and brought it today while we were out, so I have not yet seen it, although I am certain that it will be splendid.  Our present one is old, small and wobbly, so that if someone gently leans against it while venerating an icon, the analoy is is in danger of toppling over.  Bishop Saba and Father Shio were taken to Vancouver by some Georgians to show them the city, the mountains and the ocean. Although yesterday was Remembrance Day, the day off work was moved to today.  Tomorrow, Vladika Saba will depart for New York, ending his brief visit to British Columbia.  Not only the Georgians of Vancouver and British Columbia have been excited by his visit, but this enthusiasm has even spilled over into Alberta. I almost forgot to mention that we had unexpected visitors from Florida, people whom Vladika Lazar had met a number of times when he used to visit Florida many years ago.

[Photo below: Memorial at the monastery honouring veterans. According to a Russian story and a folk song, the souls of soldiers killed in battle fly away like cranes. The title of the story and the song is simply “The Cranes Are Flying.” This theme is featured on the monument in honour of fallen soldiers which was erected at the monastery by the Russian community. That is appropriate for this 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.]

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