Bishop Saba and Father Shio were brought back to the monastery about four o’clock in the morning from the Vancouver Airport where a number of Georgians went to greet the bishop.  They both managed to get about two or three hours of sleep before beginning today.  We had a nice casual lunch and conversation about various church matters.  When the times for Vespers arrived, a steady stream of people began to enter the church, mostly Georgians who wanted to hear Bishop Saba speak later.  There was a memorial service that followed, then I was held back hearing confessions, and by the time I walked into the hall, everyone had eaten, but there still was much food left on the table. I am certain that many readers of this diary are familiar with the popular and famous Georgian dishes.  When I left, most of the people were still conversing with Bishop Saba and, when Kyrill dropped in to say goodnight, he informed us that the visitors were busy cleaning up in the hall in preparation for Sunday.

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