Today was the kind of autumnal day we like to have—sunny, yet slightly chilly, although it usually gets warmer when it begins to rain. It did not take long to assemble the necessary books and material to take for Miodrag’s funeral tomorrow.  It should be interesting to watch the three of us, crippled and hobbling, serving the funeral.  At this point I am wondering who will be able to use the censer, as each one of us can scarcely walk.  But, God provides and certainly all will be well. I only found out this morning that a large number of people came to the Akathist service in Georgian last night. They are very keen and I wish them well.  The manure that Monica ordered for us arrived this morning and I could see that it was covered with a large tarp.  Andy said that he poked a number of holes in the manure and he could see that it was of high quality, ready to be used next spring. It might sound strange to speak of this cow manure in lofty terms, but it is natural, not like the commercial ones.
[Photo below: “Allée de la gloire”-this coming Sunday is Remembrance Day and the Veterans Memorial at the monastery will be especially meaningful on that day.]

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