Friday, March 1, 2019

This is the first day of March, but has spring really arrived?  I used to enjoy describing the various flowers that were still in bloom until the cold spell came upon us.  Now, all of us keep hoping that spring will soon arrive, because it is the most beautiful of all seasons here in this part of British Columbia.  We have been bothered lately by an invasion of mice.  This morning there was one caught in the mousetrap and another one in the evening.  In fact, I have not yet dealt with it but I must soon, for it is not at all pleasing to walk into the bathroom and to see the creature lying lifeless on the floor.  In fact, I just went into the bathroom to check and both the mouse and trap are not to be seen.  It must have crawled under the hot water tank, pulling the trap along with itself.  A problem—who will volunteer to rid us of this creature?  Kirill arrived not long ago, so we perhaps can ask him to do it in the morning, and hope that no others enter the building at night.  Today’s diary entry was to have been quite different, but it was hijacked by the little furry creatures, so I hope that you readers were not turned off by its content.

One thought to “Friday, March 1, 2019”

  1. Dear Vladyka:
    You’ve always, so graciously, helped me cope with the cold weather when I’m there; but now mice?!?

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