I had hoped to go to bed early last night for a good night’s rest but, as usual, I retired late.  Since I am a light sleeper, I could hear Vladika Lazar getting out of his bed and walking to the bathroom.  Suddenly there was a cry for help from him and I arose as quickly as I could to hobble and offer my help.  It was a shock to see blood all over the kitchen and bathroom floors and the most dire thoughts raced through my mind.  As it happened, he stumbled and injured a toe of the right foot [the one still suffering from the stroke] causing profuse bleeding.  He has had to take blood thinning medication to prevent any blood clots, so it took a long time for the blood to stop running.  Unfortunately I am not much of a paramedic or even an ordinary care giver, but eventually this was brought under control.  By this time it was five o’clock in the morning and I fell into a heavy sleep.  As you can surmise, I arose fairly late and the entire day seemed to have passed in a state of slow motion and drowsiness. This sad episode was mitigated by a pleasurable visit with kind people.

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