On this day’s feast of The Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple we had a quiet  and simple celebration in which Vladika Lazar not only served the Liturgy, but even the proskomedia which he has not done in over fourteen months, another major victory.  It was cold in the church, as no heat had been turned on and it must have looked amusing to see Father Moses fanning himself, as he always feels hot, while I was next to him on the kliros and almost shivering.  At this rate, we should probably turn on some heat next Sunday.  It happened again—we lost our power at sunset which sent us scampering to look for flashlights and emergency lamps.  As it happened, Andy came to see if we were coping well and he hooked us to the new generator so that we could use a floor lamp and a heater.  Within two hours the power returned, but it sent us a foreboding message that more outages will surely happen.  What makes it so annoying is that we are on the edge of a power grid where such power loses are a common occurrence, while just a stone’s throw away, as they say, the neighbouring grid almost never has such problems.  
[Photo below: The main purpose of a cobweb is to provide food for spiders yet, at this time of the year, we can appreciate the beauty of this superb workmanship, and let us not forget how for generations people have been impressed by the intricate construction and how beads, formed by the dampness of the morning dew, can shine with glory in the bright rays of the sun.]

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