It was of no purpose to think about a quiet and peaceful morning, as we had to drive into town where, after dealing with some necessary tasks, I wanted to quickly drop into a newly opened store for some purchases of groceries and dry goods.  It was difficult to resist the bargains, as many of you can imagine, and so I walked out after a not so quick stop with a cart full of bargains, many of which were 50 to 70 percent off, and that was with brand names.  Back again at the monastery I walked through the basement of the main building to see what could be given away or simply thrown out.  Our neighbour gave us an electric organ a few years ago and it sits in the reception room, taking up space with none of us using it, so if any reader wishes to have it, please feel free to take it home and enjoy it.  As it is, we have an old piano in the reception room that once belonged to a Russian princess, so we are attached to it, even though it is seldom used.  While walking through the building, I thought I could hear voices, or some sort of noise.  To my greatest of horror, it was those two nasty ravens back again, this time pecking at the newly installed windows in the main church.  I took a container of Holy Water and sprinkled the entire balcony and the windows, both these, and the others that were attacked the other day, with a prayer that we might be delivered from these nasty beasts.  Can you imagine, it was only recently that I fancied having a pet raven or even two—but no more! 

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