Today’s pleasant weather brought us plenty of energy and optimism and thus, we were able to accomplish things that had been neglected for a while.  Readers of this diary are probably tired of reading about the last of the flowers in the garden, and I shall try to refrain from writing more about them.  Just let me mention, once more, that the geraniums, petunias and snapdragons are still bravely thriving , as if trying to prove to us that they can survive into December.  With the newly purchased video camera we made two videos, that is to say I was the cameraman.  The content was good, but my  use of the camera could do with some improvement.  On the whole we were satisfied.  As the filming began, though, our resident raven began pecking at the church door, but it soon stopped as if not wanting to intrude on the filming.  

[Photo below: grotto Chapel for the Theotókos, Joy of Canada]

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